The O’Reillys And The Paddyhats – Irish Way Lyrics

Irish Way Lyrics – The O’Reillys And The Paddyhats

I was roving out one evening as I came down to Portlaw
I walked into a dim lit pub and suddenly I saw
Her cheeks they were so rosy and golden was her hair
She had to be an Irish girl ‘cause she looked so god damn fair

She took me by her lovely hand and whispered in my ear
I`ll guide you up to heaven If you’ll order me a beer
Seconds later I find myself aside this pretty lass
Wanton thoughts in my head and an ale in my glass

Hey dear, common won’t you spend another two
One for me and one for you
The truth is she will fill you up and ask you to pay
But I drink my pint and say “fuck off“ ’cause thats my Irish way

When I was a little drunk I went to take a piss
When I came back I saw two girls having a French kiss
The girls they waved me nearer could this really be
The Irish way is finally dawning on me

When we drank our final pint, the girls asked me to pay
They promised me to meet outside at Lower Castles way
And when they left I took the bill, the girls had set me up
They left me with an empty purse and sick to the gut

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