Rare Of Breed – God Knows Lyrics

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God Knows Lyrics – Rare Of Breed Ft SMO

God Knows you don’t have to be like everybody
It’s a broad road, be careful who you’re following
I’m so in love with what you’ve done in my life
There’s no way I ever could go back again

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 1]
I’ve traveled the road where some people don’t make it out but we emerged, everyday battle I’m fighting my demons
Live on the promises found in the Word
Get rid of doubt, that can be cancer
If you let it seep into your mind
No matter the problem I carry the answer
It’s a fact He’s always on time
I never had a halo but I got love for the people
Driving around looked up saw a steeple
Walked inside right down to the altar
Raised my hands oh God I need this
Handed me the Word young man you read this
What about sin, my son I bleed this
Grab that mic right there get busy
Give them truth that’s all they’ll see it
Back in the building we bringing the fire
It’s an everyday walk we will never retire
It don’t have to be Sunday for you to get blessed
Turn on the record you’ll think it’s a choir
No Kanye but I’ve been through the wire
We’ve all had a struggle we got to get through
You ain’t got to be like everybody
Believe it and see it you just got to be you

[Chorus] x2

[Verse 2]
Now I know heaven and hell and I can tell the devil be on my block, showing me things pulling my strings keeping me clinching the glock
The path is wide, the game is wack, evil’s at every turn
And if you lose your way, you will pay, and the cost will always burn
Don’t trip up or get flipped up, out here playing the clown
That ain’t your fam, they’ll bit your hand
Putting the food in their mouth
It’s a solo show you need to know, life is not a race
It’s a journey for us to love and trust
And chase the wolves away
So come on

About Song

Rare of Breed teamed up with SMO at his ranch in Tennessee to bring us “God Knows”, a powerful message that hits home for so many. God Knows who you are personally and has a plan for you. He also doesn’t look at the outward appearance, as the world does, but focuses on the heart. This is a song off Rare of Breed’s newly released album “GodTwang”.

Rare Of Breed – God Knows Lyrics

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