James Fortune FIYA – I Believe. Lyrics

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I Believe Lyrics – James Fortune

This keeps me going
on those days when I feel like giving up

I believe
the storm will soon be over
I believe
the rain will go away
I believe
that I can make it through it
I believe
It’s already done

I want you to already see yourself out of the storm,
the clouds will move
it’s time for you to smile again

I believe
my family will get better
I believe
God will provide
I believe
the promise that He made
I believe
It’s already done

The blessing is yours
God’s already pre-approved you for it

I believe
that my God is a healer
Yes He is
and I believe
that I will survive
I believe
that God is able
I believe, I believe
It’s already done

The world tells us that any two of us
shall agree on anything on earth
that God will do it for us in heaven
and I know sometimes life has a way
of knocking you down to the point where
you can’t even pray for yourself
but today I want to agree with you
that it’s getting ready to get better
and right now we are giving your problems
an expiration date and we’re saying it’s over
that you’ve been crying long enough,
that you’ve been worried long enough,
that you’ve been struggling long enough
and I believe that God’s gonna do it for you

I believe
God’s gonna do it
yes he will
do it for you

I believe
it’s gonna get better for you

I believe
God’s gonna do it
He’s gonna do it

I believe
it’s got to get better
better for you…

I believe (I believe)
God’s gonna fix it (God’s gonna fix it)
Yes He will (fix it for you)

I believe (I believe it’s gonna get better)
It’s gonna get better (better for you)

I believe (if nobody wants to help you)
God’s gonna fix it (God’s will fix it) fix it for you
Yes He will (if you just believe)

I believe it’s going to get better, better for you

I know you’ve been crying at night
but I came by to let you know that it’s gotta get better
For you

To the single parents
Go in the room and grab your children
put your arms around them and let them know it’s gonna get better
For you

Oh, if you trust in him hang on in their,
God told me to tell you that it’s gonna get better
(God’s gonna do it) (for you)
You can’t have it, you can’t have it.
You gotta give it to Jesus (give it to Jesus)
oh won’t he work it out? (yes he will).
If you believe it say…

I believe (I believe)
your money’s gonna get better
(I believe)
things are gonna work out for your good
(tell somebody) (for you)
Oh you gotta believe (I believe)
that cancer will bow down
(I believe) your job won’t be the same
Tell somebody (for you)-
Yes I do believe (I believe)
Yes I do believe (I believe)

You better call somebody right now and tell them
God’s gonna do it (for you)
weeping may endure oh for a night
oh joy (if you don’t remember anything else)

I believe (remember this)
your storm is over
I believe
your rain is gone away
(clouds have moved)
I believe
you’ll make it through it,
oh I believe
oh it’s already done

I’m excited about your future.

James Fortune FIYA – I Believe Lyrics

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