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Dear God Lyrics – Cory Asbury

Dear God
I’ve been trying awful hard to make You proud of me
But it seems
The harder that I try, all the harder it becomes
And I feel like giving up
Most of the time

Dear God
I’ve been chasing their approval and it’s killin’ me
And I know
The more I try to prove
All the less I have to show
And I’m stuck inside my head
Most of the time

But if I pray a little harder
If I follow all the rules
I wonder, could I ever be enough?

‘Cause I try and try
Just to fall back down again
And I ask myself why
Do I try to chase the wind?
I should lean into the mystery
Maybe hope is found in a melody
So I wanna try again
Oh, I’m gonna try again

And dear child
I hope you know how much I love you and I’m proud of you
And please believe
The thoughts I have for you will never change or fade away
And when you felt like giving up
I never did

‘Cause I’m not scared of imperfections
Or the questions in your head
Just know that you have always been enough

‘Cause you tried and you tried
And I saw you wrestle with
Every how, every why
I was right there listening
So just fall into the mystery
And I’ll meet you here in the melody
Try, just to try again
Oh, child would you try again?
My child, you can love again

Cory Asbury – Dear God mp3

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