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VOUS Worship – Give Me Jesus mp3

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Give Me Jesus Lyrics – VOUS Worship

Verse 1
I’ve tasted and seen
Yet questioned it all
Still you remain
Chased empty dreams
Ran from your call
And turned back again

There’s no other treasure on earth
That amounts to your love
And I know

Chorus 1
Even if everything I know
Is taken away I won’t lose hope
I’ll cling to the one who won’t let go
Just give me Jesus
Give me Jesus

Verse 2
I’ve searched the world
The highs and the lows
I’ve seen it all
And nothing compares
Nothing comes close
You’re all that I want

Chorus 2
Even at times when I can’t see
I’ll trust in the hand that’s holding me
There’s only one thing that I need
Just give me Jesus
Give me Jesus

All my hope
All my trust
Is in You
All my life
All my joy
In Jesus

Just give me Jesus
Give me Jesus

VOUS Worship – Give Me Jesus mp3


  1. All I Want Is You 
  2. As You Find Me 
  3. Avivamiento 
  4. Away In A Manger 
  5. Breathe 
  6. Communion Song
  7.  Day And Night 
  8. Devotion 
  9. Foundation 
  10.  Fresh Wind
  11. Give Me Jesus 
  12. Graves Into Gardens 
  13. Grip Of Grace 
  14. Heart To Heart 
  15.  He So Loves Me 
  16.  I Came Home
  17. I Give My Life 
  18. I Need Revival 
  19. Jireh 
  20. Joy To The World 
  21. Leal 
  22. Lighthouse 
  23. Logic 
  24. Lord Send Revival 
  25. Love Note
  26. Loyal (OMG) 
  27. Mas De Ti
  28. More Of You 
  29. Most High
  30. Mystery (Hidden Things)
  31. O Come Let Us Adore Him
  32. O Come O Come Emmanuel 
  33.  O Holy Night 
  34. O My Soul
  35. Raise A Hallelujah
  36. Revelation 
  37. Rhythm Of Your Love 
  38. Run To The Father 
  39. Shelter In
  40. Shadows 
  41. Sinking Deep 
  42. Surrounded (Fight My Battles) 
  43. Spirit And The Bride
  44.  The Blessing
  45. This Is A Move 
  46. This Is Our Story 
  47. This Too Shall Pass 
  48.  Touch Of Heaven
  49.  When Hope Was Born
  50.  When You Speak 
  51. Worthy Of It All

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