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Alter Call Lyrics – Joe Mettle

Wo de wo mogya n’atɔ me
Awurade’e fa me yɛ nea wo pɛ
Wo de wo mogya n’atɔ me
Awurade’e fa me yɛ nea wo pɛ

I bless God for your life
For listening to this music
I trust that the holy spirit has ministered to your heart
I just wanna ask you one question
Do you know Jesus?
Yeah I mean you
Do you know Jesus?
He’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother
Maybe you have heard the name Jesus but you’ve not given your life to Him
I tell you don’t say you wanna do that tomorrow
Tomorrow might be too late
It won’t be long the trumpet shall sound and the Savior shall appear
Ah! If you’re there and you wanna do that with me
Just lift your hands and say
“Lord Jesus
I accept that I’m a sinner
And that You came to die for me
I pray that you take my heart, make it Yours
From today onwards I will live for You
And for the rest of my life You will be my God
Thank You Jesus, thank You Lord”
Why don’t you find a Bible believing church
Go see the pastor and he’ll tell you what to do from there
I thank God for your life

Joe Mettle – Alter Call

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