7 Blogging Mistakes I made As a new Blogger

I am very sure that most beginners have also made this same mistakes I made Ignorantly, probably there was no one to tutor me or put me through in my blogging world. The reason why I want to share my mistakes with you, is to enable my readers and upcoming bloggers avert this terrible experience that I have had.

Do you know that, I started blogging 3 years back. Hence, I would describe my blogging journey as a rough one because of these few highlighted factors.

1. Never You Blog for the Cash At First: This has been the point where many bloggers have failed. They have heardso many sweet stories about the success stories of millionaire bloggers. The truth is that many people have made good money from their blogs but that wasn’t the notion at first. ‘Go for values’ let me ask you this, does your blogg add values to people’s life? You shouldn’t be obsessed with the money involved. Money will definitely come when you do the right thing.

2. Learn To Promote Your Content: This is where your another ‘secret’ lies, you can’t be writing without being heard. Have ever imagined where those traffics are embedded? Traffic gives you the opportunity to be heard even in the thin air. So friend, learn to promote those wonderful articles of yours. Promotion goes a long way in helping your SEO ranking.

3. Get a Blog Mentor: Who is your master? The reason why you must get yourself a mentor from the very first day you created your blog is to help you avert some unbranched errors in your blogging life. Hey! Your mentor must be someone who is ahead of you in your blogging career or a pro blogger. Not everyone who’s ahead of you in blogging, you must consider a mentor. Look for people with positive blogging result. Like I told you, I was blogging erroneously for the past 3 years.

4. Be Your Content Manufacturer: Yes, I know this doesn’t sound to well to freshers in blogging industry. The blog industry until this day is a very competitive one and this is why you must be unique in your content production. Learn to be original and unique in the best way you can. When I started blogging newly, this was one of my Achilles heel. I hardly produce content on my one, rather I buy or edit contents from other bloggers. This was where I failed. Only unique contents with good promotions can resurrect your SEO ranking with the speed of light.

5. Don’t Give Up: Well, 80% of bloggers have given up. Learn to be persistent in your blogging journey. The journey is not a rossy one. So, don’t give up. These days, it takes smart work and consistency to amass quality result. You may be obsessed with your earnings initially but that shouldn’t deter your focus. Learn to concentrate on your goal.

6. Concentrate On Your Niche: Lack of focus is what makes bloggers to jump from one niche to another without having a clear knowledge of their niche. How can you cover sports, tech, entertainment and science in one blog? That’s not bad! But it shows you are indeed jack of all trade. Yeah, your readers are like your patients in hospital, whenever they are sick, they look for the right specialist. So, are you a specialist in your niche?

7. Not Interacting With Your Readers: How many times have you replied those comments in your blog? I know many readers may be looking out for encouragement from you, but you have neither replied their comments nor their mails, Hmmm, I wonder what you may probably be thinking, if not loosing them. Interacting and and engaging is very important but sometimes very hectic especially, when you have myriad of them when your traffic increases in volumes.

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