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    7 Blogging Mistakes I made As a new Blogger

    ​ I am very sure that most beginners have also made this same mistakes I made Ignorantly, probably there was no one to tutor me or put me through in my blogging world. The reason why I want to share my mistakes with you, is to enable my readers and upcoming bloggers avert this terrible […] More

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    Quick/Fast Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

    Many people have question about why they are not getting blog traffic to their blogs. This is a common problem for bloggers. Many people think that they are not carrying out enough writing or blogging. However, if you have written a very good article, you may not get the desired number of readers because of […] More

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    How To Blog For Cash

    Blogging for cash really means, making money from your blog. This is no longer a new topic to say, but this is actually what every blogger must know about i.e how to blog for cash. There’s no end to money making on the internet especially blogging. The blogging era we are in is being regenerated […] More

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    How To Boost / Increase Your Blog And AdSense CPC

    I hope you’re not thinking of giving up because your blog/website records CPC as low as 0.1? Your low CPC may remain until you fix up things the right way on your website/blog. Don’t feel bad when you experience low AdSense CPC as a beginner, all you have to do is to work hard to […] More