How To Blog For Cash

Blogging for cash really means, making money from your blog. This is no longer a new topic to say, but this is actually what every blogger must know about i.e how to blog for cash. There’s no end to money making on the internet especially blogging. The blogging era we are in is being regenerated day after day with new findings by smart bloggers. Only few people wants to blog because it’s their passion. The rest wants to blog for cash. Blogging is like a service you render to people, but when you do not give people the right service they request from your blog, is either they leave or they won’t pay you. This is how a typical blog is when you don’t create and add value to the services or content your readers consume. The greatest challenge in blogging for cash is not in your writing skills, vocabulary or content swag, but it’s in your discipline. How do I mean? This is where most bloggers fails to understand. Every good business with right services must learn to stand test of time. ‘Give it time’. Most good businesses with real efforts, discipline and determination have collapsed at start-up because they fail to recognise the ‘time factor’ I am not saying that you should be lazy about blogging for cash, all am saying is that you should work hard and give it time to mature.

I know that so many questions might be bugging you up right now about blogging for cash but relax! What most bloggers fail to realise is that blogging for cash has rules, and until those rules are merticulouly applied, you might be busy wasting your precious time, except you are only blogging for passion, but then, what is passion without reward? There should be reward for your passion. Today, millionaire bloggers, really understand the rules of blogging for cash. Do you know that about 1 million blogs are being created everyday on the internet? Tell me what happens to them all after 1 month, is it passion or discipline? This calls for discipline and smartwork. I believe in hardwork but smartwork pays more when you are blogging for cash. Hardwork will wear you out but smartwork keeps you going and forging ahead and as well land enough cash into your blog. As a cash blogger, you must learn to be professional in your niche. No Doctor is an eye and teeth Doctor at the same time. You need to be a specialist. You must have an area of specialization i.e your niche. The bitter truth is this, ‘not all niche pays you high’ see why. Today, Google search indexes your keyword faster if you channel it using the right niche. So, if you have been doing the wrong thing, why not start all over or create another blog to enhance your authority in your niche.

Don’t start up a blog if you are a lazy writer or else your blog won’t fetch you a dime. Succesful bloggers/Millionaire bloggers are not lazy writers, some of them spend an average of 6-7 hours on their blogs daily, remember, most bloggers have their full time job, families friends and relations yet they still make millions from their blog as passive income. How do bloggers manage their time? Bloggers who blog for cash are great time managers, if you can manage your time well, then, you can excell smoothly in your journey towards making your first Six digits from your blog. Only few bloggers have blogs with six digits revenue per annum. What is your mindset when blogging, the money or the problem? Only few bloggers would identify a problem and solve it using their blog, the rest will over look the problem and yet go without the cash. Google give credence and preference to problem solving blogs to mere content blogs. Fix up that problem that few bloggers have identified, profer solutions using your niche authority. I know one way to failure i.e doing what everybody does. Learn to be a different/unique blogger. Blogging for cash only matters if you are doing it in a unique way, then will soon be there. If not, take a U-turn and make amendments. Why are you in that niche? Are you there because that’s the niche on vogue? Do you really have enough topics to write about the niche? You must learn to identify what your passion is all about before you embark on it. So many pet bloggers have made millions of dollars from their blog just because they are passionate about it, yet some entertainment bloggers still scramble for few penny. Niche matters but passion first. Does my niche contribute to my low earnings? How do I start blogging for cash?If you spend all your time planning or waiting for perfect conditions or to feel the right emotions — that’s a big problem because you’re not doing anything.

Imitation Is Limitation, make your own impression

Be yourself, be original. Let your style speak for you. Do not copy other bloggers’ work verbatim, create something new with already existing foundations but I repeat! Don’t copy or make plagiarism, when you do, reference the author. Blogging for cash is all about being a ‘content king’ quality and novel articles easily get traffick using SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

The Power Of Quality Content

If there’s anyway that will make you land your six digit figures soon in your quest for blogging for cash, it’s the power of quality content. This is the defining factor for all multi-million blogs. Have you asked your self this questions. Why do media houses and renowned sites buy articles from content writers? If there is anything you must learn from my writeup, it’s the importance of powerful quality content. Everything you need to know in blogging lies in your content perfection. Quality content sells faster than 1 million dollar promotion. Have you come to think about it? Poor content blogs oftentimes ranks low in search engines except they are promoted online via various social media outlets like facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin and the rest.

What’s The Best Way To Blog for Cash?

Become an Affiliate

One of the best ways to make money blogging is not through Ads but through affiliates. Don’t misunderstand me, but that’s a bitter truth. As a cash blogger, you can make more than ten thousand dollars in affiliate commissions in a week than you can make using Ads, but this is rare condition when you are using Ads as your blog primary source of income. Hence, this is dependent on your traffick. Affiliate income is when you get paid a commission for selling someone else’s products or services. A blogger friend earned his first $30,000 for selling 30 products in 5 days, what a massive income for 5 days of blogging for cash. If your blog and an email focuses on affiliate income as one of your core revenue strategies, then you must master the rules of blogging for cash.

Get an Adsense Account

Another lucrative way to blog for cash is via Adsense, there are so many Ads agencies that pays bloggers high when they advertise on their blog, the most lucrative Ads we all know is Google Adsense. Google adsense is the highest paying Ads agency in the world with estimated amount of $10,000,000,000 for bloggers all over the world per annum. So, you can see for yourself that Google Adsense is not a joke. Google adsense is the main stream of income for 70% blogs and websites in the entire globe. My blog uses this medium as an income stream also. How much can I earn in a year using Google Adsense?It’s unpredictable and it is based on Page RPM and CPC. There are many factors that determine this ratio like demographic location,
target audience, advertiser budget etc. Whenever you are blogging for cash and intend to earn a reasonable amount of money from it, there’s no limit to how much you can earn. Let me reveal this secret to you (reader) My blog makes more money using affiliates than it does using ads. (That’s a plain truth) But that does not mean I don’t earn a reasonable amount using Adsense. Adsense pays as well as affiliate does. Just know and determine what works for you. Use it as your strength in (SWOT Analysis).While AdSense won’t make you the most money, it does give you the highest ROI as it takes very little time to set up, and no time to manage.What works for James, may not work for John. Do you know that top earning blogs have never used adsense as an income stream? I know this will stir up your curiosity, but that’s a fact. Millionaire cash bloggers sees adsense as a waste of time and effort when it comes to blogging for cash.They believe that the best, most profitable and most sustainable way to monetize their blog is by selling directly to their audience. If someone has been reading your content and getting value from it, then they already trust that you’ll create things of value. So they monetize their blog by creating something worth paying for. For most bloggers, they have to create and
sell an online course for their readers. Blogging for cash is a serious business and millionaire bloggers are all in serious business. When your blog earns using only adsense as its main icome stream, then it’s limited and your cash is limited too. Don’t you know you can earn more without Adsense? it’s a hard way to make a living when you blog for cash using adsense alone, except you already have a millions pageviews per year that will land you into earning a $1000 per month depending on your niche and demography.

Get Paid For Sponsored Posts

Here, the rules are different, this is a superb way to make money in
blogs where Ads do not perform well and selling products is not an option either. There are many bloggers out there whom the main source of revenue is through sponsored post. At least I have benefitted from it, although not much but it is better than none. Sponsored posts are one of the easiest and most effective ways to make money from your blog. This is because:

  • Often very little work is involved. Brands usually just want a mention and they can pay very well relative to the work involved.

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