How To Boost / Increase Your Blog And AdSense CPC

I hope you’re not thinking of giving up because your blog/website records CPC as low as 0.1? Your low CPC may remain until you fix up things the right way on your website/blog. Don’t feel bad when you experience low AdSense CPC as a beginner, all you have to do is to work hard to put things in place for your blog success. 90% of blogs that started this year with low CPC will not stand the test of time when they record low CPC, except they are there for passion/fun.

Low CPC depends on a lot of factors. Some of those I have described in this article. I guess, the art of increasing your CPC lies in balancing the below given factors in a way so as to the outcome becomes your dream come true.  Have you been wondering why your 250 clicks from the month of September fetched you less than $20 or your 5000 pageviews in 7 days still estimates $0.03?

For those who have a perfect blog/website and are still wondering why their CPC has decreased. Yes, for some reasons, this might happen but on rare occasions when advertisers are bidding on keywords and the CPC values they’re willing to pay. Forexample, CPC can fall at the beginning of each quarter when marketers are shifting budget.

Solutions for Low AdSense CPC 
1. Your Traffic Level: Any blog/website with low must definitely encounter low CPC. Did you recently end a marketing campaign, causing a drop in traffic or may be you have been writing wonderful articles without promotions? Promote your site through social media, and create a group of interested people who regularly visit your site, also learn to update your blog and email your readers when you have a new article.

2. Ads Management: Learn to display your Ads in the right way. Allowing multiple Ads run on your site/blog is like allowing many music play at the same time. This might scare your bidders away. Then blocking Ads or ensuring that only few Ads run on your website will cause a decline in your CPC because there are few bidders i.e block of too many advertisers, ad networks, general or sensitive categories, this can decrease CPC because there are fewer advertisers in the auction bidding on your inventory

3. Niche Authority: Google respects and accord values for bloggers with specified niche. Blogging about so many things or about everything at the same time will definitely reduce your blog CPC. Blogs that covers all categories of information will not rank high in Ads bidding, because it does not have a defined purpose. When creating a blog, just define your niche from onset so as to enable your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) be valued when Google algorithm crawls into your site/blog.

Learn to be authoritative with your keywords, because keywords are one of the most vital tools for SEO. For instance, if you run a blog Entertainment, what’s your keyword? Entertainment alone has more than 800 keywords you can imagine. Under entertainment, you could see Fashion, celebrities, gossip, music, art, lifestyle, travels, swags, trendy gists and so on. When you combine all these categories in one blog/site, your blog could be barely be known or seen in the cyber world. But when you concentrate your efforts on one, for instance ‘celebrities.’ You have created and as well defined your niche. With enough traffic on your blog/site, Google will give credence to you with high level CPC.

4. Avoid Duplicate Contents: You must learn to be original in your writing as a blogger. One fatal error most bloggers make is that they tend to update their articles daily using another man’s work/copying from other blogs to enhance their daily article posting.

This is very wrong. ‘Copy and paste’ syndrome is all over the cyber world or internet. You cannot go far as a blogger when you only rely on copied articles to garnish your blog. These days, Google gives credence to blogs/websites with high quality content 1 post a day, than blogs with 20 daily posts of copied articles. When you copy other peoples’ content without their consent/referencing them, you are committing a crime called plagiarism i.e that is not what blogging entails. Be original in everything you write as a blogger. This will help convince your reader’s confidence about your blog and as well attract high paying quality Ads on your site.

 5. Learn to Identity Your Audience: Most bloggers only write and post articles on their blog without knowing the exact region/sphere their audience are. You can’t be asked to address your students and you are backing them, or facing an awkward direction. Identifying who reads your posts and where your readers come from matters a lot, it is called target audience.

Not everyone who visits your blog/site once would want to come back, some readers dabble/stumbled across your site, so what makes them stay is your ability to identify their problem and then, having a substantial solution to it. If your blog was able to solve the problem, and the problem is peculiar to a particular region, let’s say Africa. Then, you will see Readers from african region searching for that information. Thereby, your blogg/site has succeeded in providing a vital information for the people of that region. Remember that Google gives preference to clicks outside your domicile residence.

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