How To Make Money With Jetpack Ads

Jetpack ads is one of the best adsense monetization program for bloggers. It offers or help professional bloggers or WordPress website owners turn their passion into profit by placing jetpack ads in their websites. Jetpack ads doesn’t work with blogger websites and other sites outside WordPress. Jetpack ads monetization program is very good and can serve you better alongside your Google AdSense program. The good thing about jetpack ads is that, it is designed to work smoothly and efficiently with WordPress websites.

How Does Jetpack Ads Work?
Jetpack ads works with WordPress sites and is being powered by WordAds. This WordAds has a one-click feature that helps its users generate income from your WordPress website. Jetpack ads are very compatible with WordPress themes, hence serving users with high quality  jetpack ads. Jetpack ads targets millions of viewers across a certain geographical arena to   solve or profer solutions through jetpack ads valid clicks.

How Much Can You Earn With Jetpack ads?
With Jetpack ads, you can make more money than you could with Google AdSense or Google Adx monetization program, this is because jetpack ads generates revenue than its counterparts. Depending on your website traffic and location, your revenue uplift can be 300% and even more. Does jetpack partner with Google? Yes, they do. Jetpack work with more than 50 advertising agencies and Ads demand partners in addition to Google to profer best Ads at best rates to its users and viewers.

Requirements For Jetpack Ads Approval
How do I know if I am qualified for Jetpack Ads? Ordinarily, there’s no special requirement, all you need is have a WordPress site that drives a high quality traffic with a corresponding content, and with a jetpack plugins rightly installed in your website. This will enhance the approval better. Normally jetpack contacts website owners and tell them if their website is qualified for their monetization program or not. Secondly, users with premium or professional jetpack  plans mostly get immediate approval from jetpack ads, (though this might change with time).

Jetpack Ads Payment
Jetpack ads uses paypal as its payment module for bloggers. WordAds payout are only done using paypal. You need a registered PayPal account provided it’s supported in your country if you must participate in Jetpack ads  monetization program. Remember that payments are sent to jetpack ads users on the last day of the following month. i.e Your January earnings will be sent to you by February ending, if you earned less than $100 in a given month, hence your earnings are carried over to the next month.

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