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Blogging is not just about writing for fun or for passion alone, but its reward is far beyond that. Few individuals have been rewarded handsomely for their passion just for writing and publishing.

Many guys have become millionaire and others very rich just because of what they love doing i.e blogging. The blogging business of the 21st century has proven to be a very  lucrative one just like ‘The Holywood’. Just in one past decade, millionaire bloggers have emerged from different continents of the world. Some of these millionaires bloggers have risen from grass to grace.

I mean, that their blog has lifted them out from obscurity to limelight. These guys went for their passion, you could imagine what motivates them? Their love for blogging business has made them rich, even richer than some sportsmen, politicians and superstars, that is the uniqueness of blogging for cash.

There’s no end to how much these millionaire bloggers can earn. As long as the internet world is concern, there’s no limitation to their account. These guys are Pro bloggers, and they have been consistent in their blogging business for the past decade. Did you hear me say decade? ‘Oh! That’s too much time for me.” But the fact is, the more the time, the more the money flows concurrently into their account.

Yes, these millionaire bloggers aren’t swayed by the time they have invested, for they know that it will definitely fall in their favour and be converted into cash. Remember, time is money. I will show you a list of the world millionaire bloggers you never knew. Probably, you have known them but you have never taken time to know how much they have made through blogging. I’ll show you.

Today, blogging is now a lucrative career across the world, and many people are benefiting from its reward. Blogging is a legitimate business for writers and editors across the globe. You can inspire your generation through your creative writing by owning a blog, and you can as well blog for cash by becoming a millionaire blogger.

The age of your blog wouldn’t make you a millionaire blogger, it is your strategies in blogging that will make it work. I have created this list of millionaire bloggers to help inspire many writers and motivate them as well, so that in no distant time, they will be celebrated as one of these top notched bloggers.

1. PETE CASHMORE: He’s fobes richest tech blogger and a millionaire. Pete cashmore is the CEO of, and a column writer on tech category for CNN. He’s not just a millionaire blogger but a potential billionaire blogger. In November 2017, He sold marshable for a stunning amount i.e $50 million. The European-born entrepreneur makes between $500,000-800,000 a month. His passion for solving tech and social media  related problems online made him outstanding and this attracted nearly 20 million unique visitors to his blog on a monthly basis. Pete Cashmore averages $50 Million as his net worth.

2. MARIO LAVANDERIA (Perez Hilton): This guy is another super millionaire blogger that blogs for cash also. He runs one of the most famous celebrity blog known as, his blog is widely known for his unreserved criticism on world celebrities and scandals. Perez makes between $400,000-700,000 per month. The American blogger started blogging as a hobby in 2005, and today, he has already hit Millions in his account. Currently, Perez Hilton has a total networth of $30 Million.

3. MICHAEL ARRINGTON: Michael is a multi-tasked entrepreneur and a tech blogger, he founded, he is the leading editor at silicon valley technology start-up community. He’s been a dedicated tech blogger for the past two decades. Michael Arrighton is a graduate of law, but he left it to pursue an uncommon career in blogging. Today, he’s one of the face of internet most celebrated  millionaire blogger. As a serial enterprenuer, he has co-founded many multi-million start-ups which was sold at a very lucrative amount. e.g Achex, an internet payment company which was sold for $32 million. He also co-founded and, his blog attracts more than 500,000-700,000 unique visitors per month. This millionaire blogger has a networth of $20 Million.
4. TIMOTHY SYKES: This guy is an American millionaire stock trader, stock analyst and an enterprenuer, he has succesfully traded penny stocks for more than 25 years, and he’s still waxing. He was the founder of Cilantro fund management in 2003 which helped to raise $1 million from friends and family. In 2009, Timothy launched a masterclass financial blog about investment and loans, i.e, this website was dedicated and devoted for financial guidance and stock trading. Timothy Sykes, the American stock wizard and millionaire blogger was able to attract more than  10,000,000 unique visitors per month using his blog. Today, Timothy Sykes has an estimated networth of more than $15 million.

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