YTMND, one of the internet’s earliest meme sites, shuts down forever


One of the internet’s earliest meme pioneers is no more. 

“You’re the Man Now, Dog!,” more commonly known as YTMND has shut down. Twitter users first noticed the site was no longer accessible on Monday and word quickly spread to forums and other corners of the web populated by those who were heavily influenced by the meme site.

YTMND was most well known for its user generated standalone pages filled with a single, tiled image or animated GIF, embedded with large text, and often with a sound or music file playing on loop. 

i just learned that ytmnd is gone, which means one of my greatest creations is lost to time. except not really because i have recreated it here. how bizarre, bulbasaur

— oh, it’s max (@ohitsmax) May 15, 2019 Read more…

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