Samsong – I Flourish Lyrics

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I Flourish Lyrics – Samsong

Am like a tree planted by the stream
Am productive
Am planted in accord of the lord
Am productive
In and out of season my leaves are green
Am productive
As the water cover the sea
I conquer territories
Am an ever flowing stream and i grow natural leaves eeh!
Am spreading everywhere and I grow persistently eeh!
Eeeema Yeeema!
I flourish!!
On my right,on my left
North south easth and west
I flourish everywhere

I rise above the storm as they come
Like a yeast
When the strong wind comes,I’ll be standing strong
Am unshakable
The limits are broken heaven doors are open,i’ll just walk in through
I see the hand of God making all things possible, possible
2010 My year of greater light
2011 Am a burning shining light
2012 My year of the word
2013 Favour everywhere
2014 My year of greatness
2015 My year of trials
2016 Am spreading everywhere
2017 I flourish!!

Samsong – I Flourish Lyrics

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