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CeCe Winans – You Will Lyrics

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You Will Lyrics – CeCe Winans

Another bird has grown
Another part of all of us is gone
Another right has been wronged
Still we go on and on until
The words for each of us are all to real
Still I am not able to feel what you feel
And I cannot say how long, it will take for you to heal

But I believe you will
And someday your broken hard will mend
I know it will
And you will find your smile again
Take your time, for time is what it’s gonna take
And then one morning you’ll awake to find there’s one less tear
Then you’ve healed, I believe you will
The world has let you down
And words that could explain could not be found
To say that I understand is not enough
And it’s gonna be a little while, before your heart can learn to trust
When you feel like all your hope is gone
Keep holding on till you find your way back to the garden
Find a way to heal you heart again

CeCe Winans – You Will Lyrics

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