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Help Me Lyrics – Tamela Mann Ft The Fellas

You ever find yourself in a place
That you don’t know what to say
The things I depended on were gone
I realized I couldn’t do it on my own
I used to want to understand your plan
Now all I want to see is your hand
My heart is open so wide
Even tough there’s so much pain inside
As I’m on this journey I need you to
Help me
And I know I will be alright
Help me to finish well
When I’m tired of the load I must bear
You let me know that you’re still there
‘Cause you’re the strength in my weakness
You’re my words when I’m speechless
God give me faith to see where you’re taking me
So when I’m afraid I still believe
Please hear the pain in my prayer
Let me know you’re listening and you care
While I’m on this journey
Help me
And I know you’ll be right there
Oh Lord, help me to finish
Oh Jesus, oh Lord
Anybody waiting on him
Have you ever been in time of need
And you really need somebody
To help you along the way
I know somebody
My God will be right there
When you need him
He’ll answer your prayer
All you gotta do is call on him
All you gotta do is wait on him
He hears your prayer
Oh Lord he will

Don’t give up
Help is on the way
Don’t you give up
Help is on the way
He’ll come rescue you
Don’t you give up
Don’t give up on god, he won’t give up on you
Help is on the way
My help comes from you
Don’t you give up
Help is on the way
Father I’m calling on you
Help, I need your help
Help is on the way
He’ll come see about you
Help, he’ll come rescue you
He’s waiting on you to call on him (help is on the way)
His name is Jesus
Help Jesus
Help is on the way
We still need you today (help)
We need you like never before
Help is on the way
Jesus, oh Lord, oh Lord

Tamela Mann – Help Me mp3

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