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Chisomo (Grace) Lyrics – Jimmy D Psalmist ft Wendy & Lulu

Chisomo chanu, ndi chomwe ndifuna x2
(Your Grace, is what I need)

I am saved, by Your Grace
I am delivered by Your Grace
I am sponsored, by Your Grace
I have made it, by Your Grace
You Grace has brought me through
Your Mercy speaks for Me
Lord, I am lifted by Your Grace
I made it by Your Grace


What can I do without Your Grace?
Where would I be without Your Grace?
You made it easy by Your Grace
I am going by Your Grace
I cannot miss it with
My road is clear, by
With Your Grace I cannot fail
I am a Winner by Your Grace


When my enemies were trying to pull me down
Lord You lifted me up
And open up many opportunities
Some of them are trying to limit my life
Lord You break it down and put a new road
Noma ndifuna be (But I still need)

Jimmy D Psalmist – Chisomo (Grace) mp3

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