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Holy Lyrics – Dr Tumi

[Verse 1]
We your people lord
Have gathered here
To give you praise
We brought our alabaster boxes
And we bring them now
Our lives to you Oh Lord,
Today we give
Our hearts are open wide
And Lord we say…

Worthy, worthy
You are worthy
Jesus, Jesus
You are worthy

[Verse 2]
Through the ups and downs
You’re always there
You never change
Even when our friends were gone,
You are a present help
We know they will be gone
Who loves us like you do
So we have gathered here
As a people, Just to say…

Faithful, faithful
You are faithful
Jesus, Jesus
You are faithful

[Verse 3]
There’s no beauty
That compares to yours
you never change
Now our hearts are filled with joy
In your presence Lord,
We truly love you Lord
You’ve got the sweetest name
Lord we’ve gathered here
As your people, Just to say…

Lovely, lovely
You are lovely
Jesus, Jesus
You are lovely

You are, the Lamb of God
Seated, on the throne
We join, angels
And sing, holy

Holy, holy
You are holy
Jesus, Jesus
You are holy

Jesus, Jesus
You are holy, You are holy
You are holy, You are holy

Dr Tumi – Holy mp3

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