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So I Run Lyrics – Dr Tumi

There’s no running out with you
You keep pouring out your love
And we all live
There’s no fear when I’m in you
You save and keep
You never stop to give
So I run…
And cast all burdens unto you
There’s no need for me to carry what you carried on the cross
So I lean on the everlasting arm
I’m safe and secured
Shielded from all harm that life would bring.
So i run
I run to you
I run to you oh God
I leave it all behind, I run to you
I run

You’d never let me feed my insecurity
You whispered peace and reassure my heart
There’s no sense of loss in you
All you’ve given me is sealed in eternity

So I come then I’d hide myself in you
There’s no danger and no harm that finds me outside of your grace

So I trust
Knowing that you’d never fail
You flood my life with victories
That on my own, I won’t achieve

So I come
I come to you
I come to you oh God
I leave it all behind
And come to you
I come

I set my eyes on you and see
That you oh God
You are mighty to save
(Mighty to save)
I heed your word that I may hear
All your promises
They are YES and AMEN
Oh I won’t fear ’cause you are here
And you oh God
You are mighty to save

So I wait
Cause you’ve won the Victory
There’s no battle that is mine
Yea I am more than a conqueror
So I rest
In the finished work of Christ
You have come that I have life
And have it abundantly

So I live
I’m alive in you God
Left it all behind
And live for you
I live…

Dr Tumi – So I Run mp3

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