Carolina – Saucekid Ft Davido Lyrics

Carolina – Saucekid Ft Davido

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Carolina Lyrics – Saucekid Ft Davido

And the way you dey move make me wan
And the way you dey move make me wan wan wan wan to sit down
Girl I wanna call you carolina
And the way you go down low baby girl you wan turn me to sinner
Eh I know you no mean am
Ha oya joh oh oya joh joh oh leave her x4

Sinzu oya joh oh joh oh leave her
And the way that she dey turn on everybody make me wanna show her say I get liver
She’s a cold girl living in a cold world na so she dey make me dey shiver
Oya joh oh oya joh na the way she dey make when I dey give her

Verse 1(Saucekid)
Nice to meet ya
Feel like a winner if I can take her to dinner
She’s a keeper
Tell my friends
You can get the Benz or you could get the keys to the Beamer
Come and see now
See my P now
Pronounce Sinzu
See as e be now
Judge the P now
Might call you boo but you know say I no mean am (Sinzu)


Verse 2(Saucekid)
Who is slimmer?
Who is finer?
You know I seen her with new designers
Not Tokunbo
Made in China
She’s a diva
Too good to shoot a video with Clarence Peters
Now her ego is off the meters
But she cool she drink alomo bitters
Back in the days she date Shina Peters
But these days na me dey burst her speakers
Back then na Terry dey make her ginger
But these days na me dey burst her speakeeeers


Want to sit down
Eeehh! I wanna call you Carolina

Carolina – Saucekid Ft Davido Lyrics

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